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Parent reviews

Parent reviews – July to September 2012

Please note that parents’ names have been anonymised

‘Gina’, a mum from near Liverpool got in touch with Philip Owen via the Flat Head Syndrome Facebook page to say this:

"Hi. I don’t know you personally, but would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the years of work you have done that led to developing the SleepCurve mattress.

"My daughter had a very nasty haematoma to the right side of her head and brachial plexus palsy of the right shoulder when born and as a result would only lie on her left, resulting in a flattening of that side. The physio at Alder Hey told us of the mattress, and from the very first use, it took enough pressure off that my little girl could freely lie on either side without discomfort.

"She is now just over a year old and you would never know there was ever a problem. As a first time mum it was a lot to take in and to find out the SleepCurve mattress was there to help was such a relief. So once again, on behalf of my family and I, thank you so much for your years of dedication to your field. Gina x"


I recently purchased the SleepCurve mattress for my little man and I'm so happy I have got it; he sleeps perfectly on it and looks really comfortable! The curve in the mattress helped him stay in one place while he slept which is what I’m putting his sleeping all through the night down to. But he's now started crawling so he doesn't stay in one place anymore! I would highly recommend this to any parent. I'm definitely going to buy the whole set as he gets bigger!! A+++ mattress. Thank you SleepCurve and Tomy!


I bought the SleepCurve mattress as I had read good reviews about how it had helped babies with "flat head syndrome". As my baby had quite a flat head I was desperate to do all I could to help him! I have had the mattress for a few months now and I believe it has helped my baby. He sleeps really well on it & I feel reassured that his head is resting in the dip so there is no pressure on the flat side.

I'm really pleased with the mattress and thought it was a reasonable price too. My baby's head is now rounding out more. I would definitely recommend the mattress to other parents worried about flat head syndrome. Many thanks!


I bought a SleepCurve mattress for my crib.

It’s a great investment! Really I bought it for peace of mind as I read that the baby couldn't roll on its back and my major worry was something would happen when I was asleep!

All in all I would recommend as it certainly took a worry off my mind!


We initially bought the Tomy SleepCurve mattress for our daughter’s Moses basket as we were slightly concerned about flat head syndrome. Although we did notice some improvement in this area we were even more impressed with the excellent night’s sleep she got from it – so much so that when we moved her into a cot the Sleepcurve mattress was the only mattress we considered using. It just seems a much more comfortable sleep for her as her chin does not rest on her chest!


I bought a SleepCurve mattress when my son was two weeks old, replacing the standard mattress that came with his Moses basket. When it first arrived I wasn't sure about the shape as it was so different from the usual and I was worried that his head seemed to tip back a bit, but we gave it a go. He slept well in the basket and seemed comfortable. After three months his head is a lovely round shape with no flat spots and I feel sure that the mattress helped with this. I am really impressed with the quality of the product and it is far superior to the standard mattress. I think that the £40 I spent on it was extremely good value for money. In terms of the shape of the mattress and finding suitable sheets, I have found that using cotton blankets rather than standard sheets fit the contours much better and give a lovely soft surface to sleep on. I have recommended the product to friends and I am definitely buying the next stage for his cot - and if we have another child I would buy this product straight away for the Moses basket.


We bought a SleepCurve mattress when my son was 2 months old as he had developed flat head syndrome. It took him a while to adjust to sleeping on it, but after a week or so he slept very well on it. The mattress really helped the shape of his head improve and now he is 6 months old, it is hardly noticeable. I am really pleased that I invested in a SleepCurve mattress and would highly recommend them to anyone concerned about the shape of their baby’s head.

We followed all of the guidance on "back to sleep" for our first and now recently second child. Our second child has been less of a wriggler than the first, so he developed a rather flat head shape after 4-5months (positional plagiocephaly). Having now owned the SleepCurve mattress for a few months, we're really happy how in that time we've started to see an improvement in his sleep and an improvement in his head shape.


When we noticed the flat head and that it was becoming more pronounced, we researched the condition and also visited our GP. We decided to make some changes to his routine and sleep. We bought and use the SleepCurve mattress at night, with a focus on moving his position during the day (mix of tummy time and propped/supported). More recently his sitting unsupported has contributed to a significant improvement from a very symmetrical, flattened head, to an increasing rounding and more normal shape. We're confident that it won't need any medical intervention, or helmet which were some of the options we'd researched and discussed with the GP (either through the NHS or private).

Having not been aware of the condition, or indeed experienced it with our first child, we wish that we had the SleepCurve mattress sooner. Whilst it may not have completely mitigated the condition completely, the experience of the last few months makes us believe that it could have helped to manage and prevent such an extreme flattened head (positional plagiocephaly) than our son experienced.


I would like to give some feedback on the SleepCurve mattress. We purchased one as our son lay with his head facing to the right from birth, both when he was awake and asleep and began to develop a prominent flattening of his head, which resulted in the right side of his face protruding forward. After trying to turn his head left when he was playing on his back and when he was sleeping, and trying to create a wedge to stop him turning to his right, he would always turn right again.

A chance conversation with a friend suggested we try a SleepCurve mattress as they had had the same problem with their baby. We bought the cot size as our son was ready to go into his big cot. He was roughly 3 months old at the time.

At first he still had a tendency to face to the right, but over the next few weeks he began to face upwards and occasionally turn to the left freely. Within a month he was facing both directions equally.

We replaced his SleepCurve mattress for his regular mattress when he was 7 months old because he had a tendency to push up with his feet to try to travel towards the head end of the cot.

Although his head still has a bit of a flat spot (which is now covered by his hair) it is gradually becoming less prominent as he grows and spends most of his waking hours upright. If we'd known about SleepCurve mattresses from day one, we would have got one for his Moses basket as soon as we noticed he was favouring facing to the right. Any future babies we have we will use our SleepCurve mattress, and will purchase a Moses basket one too to prevent any flat spots occurring on any part of their head.

Our son was very congested when he was new-born and I believe the SleepCurve mattress would have helped with this too had we known about them.

I always tell my friends about SleepCurve mattress and recommend them to all expectant mothers I know!


I am very pleased with the Tomy SleepCurve Mattress. We purchased this as our baby was starting to get a flat head from lying on the same side. I am pleased to say this has helped and improved the shape of his head! He also sleeps through and seems to be very comfortable at night. Recommended to lots of my friends! Thank you


I recently purchased a SleepCurve Moses basket mattress for my son. I'd researched different mattresses and felt that the Sleepcurve offered the most benefits. I liked the fact it helps with posture and breathing, as well as helping to prevent Flat Head Syndrome. In addition, it comes with a waterproof cover that's washable so nappy leaks won't stain the mattress. I am really pleased with the mattress and will definitely be looking to purchase one for a cot shortly.


I bought a SleepCurve mattress for my baby's crib which was the crib that I had slept in when I was a baby after having seen an ad in a mother and baby magazine - I was impressed with many of the claims made about it. When I put it in I was, initially, a bit worried that I'd made a mistake in buying it - I'd heard all the 'feet to foot' advice on placing your baby at the very foot of the crib or cot and realised that I couldn't do that with the Sleepcurve. Also my baby seemed too small, when firstborn, to be comfortable with the large head curve. At first therefore, my baby slept at the bottom of the mattress and I didn't utilise the head curve at all. This was perfect, however! The slight gradient meant that my baby was less likely to spit milk up and also seemed safe and comfortable. As soon as my baby was ready to sleep on her back more comfortably (about 3 weeks) I tried placing her on the mattress properly. Oh my goodness! I'm now a real convert. My baby sleeps so well on the mattress, her head moves from side to side so much more easily than it does when she's in her pram and she looks incredibly comfortable. I also don't have to worry at all about her moving down under the covers because of the wonderful way the curve cradles her head and prevents her shuffling around. My baby is now 20 weeks old and I'm shopping for cots; I've realised that I'm going to have to buy a Sleepcurve cot mattress because she's so happy in the one she has. Thank you very much!


We bought the SleepCurve mattress after we saw it advertised in parenting magazines and I have to say it is the best thing we bought for our son (now 7 weeks old). It enables him to have a good nights’ sleep and gives us peace of mind. When the health visitor and Midwife came round to see us we showed them both and neither of them had seen it before, so we explained all of the benefits of having one and they have now passed on the information to new and soon to be parents which we are really glad about.

I hope you have found this review helpful.


We bought both the SleepCurve cot and Moses basket mattresses. Unfortunately the mattress for the Moses basket did not fit which was disappointing so therefore never used. Sleep was an issue so we put her in the cot from 2 months (on her SleepCurve mattress) and have not looked back since. She sleeps through the night every night (now 4mths old) and even when she had a cough/cold she did not wheeze or have any trouble sleeping. As she gets more active she gets herself stuck in the curve in the mornings but would probably be moving around a lot more on a traditional flat mattress. We are very pleased with this product and find it easy to clean and move the parts around when necessary. Thank you.


Many thanks for contacting us to ask us to send a review of the SleepCurve mattress.

Since birth our son has had a flat/cone shaped head, he was overdue by nearly 16 days and was a big baby. Even though his birth was natural, he was engaged for a long time towards the back end of my pregnancy and he clearly didn't want to come out! He also is a fantastic sleeper, and from about 6/7 weeks he has slept through the night and didn't really move or wriggle around. This was great for us and him, but maybe not for his head.

When Patrick was 4 months old we had a few negative comments about the shape of his head, (it was extremely flat across the back, slightly worse on one side). Being first time parents, we took him to the GP, who assured us that there was nothing to worry about, and referred us to a consultant for peace of mind. The consultant put our minds at rest that nothing was wrong with Patrick and

assured us that his head shape would change over time. He advised us not to use a helmet, to which we had already decided against.

I had started researching on the internet and had read up a lot about 'Flat head syndrome', and the reason why it is becoming more common, (sleeping babies on their backs to prevent SIDS). I was assured that my son was/would be fine, but was anxious to help the issue. He had lots of tummy time, we began re-positioning and allowing him to lay on softer surfaces when on his back (changing, playing etc). It was in the night that concerned me most as I have mentioned. My son was and is a brilliant sleeper and a very placid boy, so not overly mobile (although he had lots of tummy time). We decided against the use of a helmet straight away. As first time parents, so much emphasis is given about SIDS and so we were wary of altering his sleep position/using any remedial pillows just in case.

I found some information about the invention of the Sleepcurve mattress and the links with Alder Hey hospital and we decided to purchase one. We got the mattress before my son was 5 months old, and over time his head shape has slightly improved. Financial restrains meant we couldn't afford the changing mat and base for play gyms etc. As first time parents, we had no idea on flat head syndrome and how to prevent it, if we had and we had bought these items instead of the conventional ones then I'm sure my baby’s head shape would be better.

Our son is a happy and healthy boy and his head shape has improved, but is still flat. If we have another child then we will use the SleepCurve mattress as a prevention of Flat Head syndrome, and we'd purchase the additional items, and if possible, something that would fit in the pram - we did lots of walking with our son and ended up having to use a pillow for extra padding for his head.

I believe if we had used the SleepCurve mattress from day one then our son would have had a less flat head. We would recommend this product to other parents and we both believe that more information should be provided on Flat Head Syndrome in the NHS, as part of ante-natal care.

I hope this review is helpful. It is an honest review of the product and explanation of our situation.


My son is now 4 months old and we have completely enjoyed our SleepCurve purchase, although he is now getting a little big for his Moses basket and will be moving into his cot shortly.

I can happily report that he has a beautifully shaped head avoiding the dreaded flat head syndrome though unfortunately still has the line of lost hair across the back of this head. We also have no reflux during our first few months.

I'd certainly recommend Sleepcurve to any of my friends for their new-borns.


I have recently purchased the SleepCurve mattress for the Moses basket as I liked the benefits listed on your site. My young baby seemed to sleep a lot better with this SleepCurve mattress and slept longer at night.

‘Andrew and Virginie’

We have bought the SleepCurve cot bed mattress for our second child to avoid the flat head syndrome. Our first child developed a flat head after a difficult birth and consequently had to wear on helmet for 8 months.

We wanted to make sure this bad experience will not occur for our second child and therefore purchased a Sleepcurve mattress. Our son is now 4 months old and has a perfectly curved head. We can honestly say that we are very pleased with our purchase and recommend it strongly.

‘John & Aisleng’

We purchased 2 Tomy SleepCurve mattresses for out new-born twins who are now almost 7 months old. We started using the mattresses from day 1 & so far are very pleased with them - we have been getting a full nights’ sleep since the twins were 10 weeks old so they must be comfortable! We did not purchase the sleep curve sheets & find that standard fitted sheets are perfectly adequate.

We have recommended the mattress to several friends who have also purchased it on our advice.